Every moment is a fresh beginning. T.S. Eliot

If you are visiting, chances are you and/or someone significant in your life is wondering, struggling, questioning how to maneuver confusing or overwhelming life challenges. Or, you are a professional looking for reflective supervision or specialized training. Please feel free to check out my site, but also to contact me directly if you are interested in how services might support your specific needs.

As a licensed professional counselor, registered occupational therapist, lactation counselor, infant mental health specialist, and mother, I believe the most powerful way to foster relationships and well-being is through integrating experiences of the body, heart, and mind.  I provide a compassionate, caring space that allows for reflection of each of these areas for you, your child and family.

I specialize in supporting caregivers in pregnancy, postpartum and throughout the phases of their child’s development.  I have extensive experience and training in supporting children and adults with trauma, medical complications, loss, depression, anxiety, behavioral concerns, feeding challenges and sensory processing disorders.

The passion I have for this work is brought full circle through reflective supervision/consultation, infant mental health consultation, and training opportunities I offer for other professionals.

To provide comfort, individualized support and generalization of skills, my services are provided in clinic, home, community settings, and/or via telehealth.